Two vaults in DoF?

Today, I suddenly had two vaults for a couple of hours. Both could be moved around, but I didn’t get double storage space 🙂
Have you experienced any weird glitches in Dawn of Fire, then leave a comment.

Two vaults in Dawn of Fire

You’ll need friends for Dawn of Fire!

I hope you enjoy playing My Singing Monsters – Dawn of Fire as much as I do.

Right now, adding friends will only allow you to visit your friends’ islands, but I think you’re going to need friends for other actions soon.

On the continent, there are two buildings/structures right now, which are “inactive”:

The mailbox


Clicking the mailbox right now will bring up a screen telling you that don’t have any new messages:


I guess the mailbox may be used for player-to-player messages in the future, but I’m only guessing.

The market


When you click the market stall, you’re told that this feature is “Coming soon”.


I think this will be a market as we know it from Farmville, where you can buy and sell your items. I think you’ll need a lot of friends for this feature to be awesome.

I’ve made a page where you can add your friend code and find other players’ codes.

The list of friend codes is right here: Friend Codes for Dawn of Fire

Dawn of Fire released – on iOS

I was so happy to see the tweets from @SingingMonsters, @BigBlueBubble and @VikasKGupta announcing the worldwide release of My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire a couple of hours ago, but sadly I don’t do apples. The release is – for now – iPhone/iPad only.

I have a repost of their intro video, but for gameplay and cool tricks, you’ll have to wait a bit, as I do Android, not apples 😉

Hey everybody, let’s go!

Meet the monsters: Phangler

From Big Blue Bubble:
“Finally, meet Phangler! The last Singing Monster cave painting Kayna wants to share for now… Stay tuned!”


Meet the monsters: Boskus

From Big Blue Bubble:
“Don’t let Monday make you feel blue… unless you’re this Singing Monster! Meet Boskus”


Dawn of Fire released on App Store in Canada

Dawn of Fire has been released in Canada on the FruitFone App Store (for iPhone and iPad). Canadians can now download and play Dawn of Fire – fans in the rest of the World will have to sit tight and wait a few more days to see the game released.

Big Blue Bubble is situated in Canada, so I guess that’s why they’ve chosen to release the game in Canada before doing the big worldwide release.

I’m an Android user, so I don’t know how distribution works on the App Store, but I guess you can use services like to fool App Store to let you download the game from the Canadian App Store. However, I can’t answer questions on this matter as I’m a Samsung/Android guy…

Happy breeding and monster love

Meet the monsters: Glowl

Here is Glowl – another monster revealed from the upcoming game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. The glowl is the last Monster cave painting featured this week.


Meet the monsters: Flowah

The third monster from Dawn of Fire has been revealed. This time, the entbrat looking Flowah monster joins the line up for the new My Singing Monsters game: Dawn of Fire. I like the name – Flowah – and looking at the monster, he/she looks like a sunflower hybrid monster. Let’s take good care of him/her when we to play Dawn of Fire 🙂


Meet the monsters: Stogg

We’ve already seen Kayna, and now the second monster from Dawn of Fire is revealed. He/she is called Stogg and looks like a fire element monster.


I’ll be making a monster guide when I know more about the new monsters.

Stay tuned and happy monster breeding!

Dawn of Fire preview video – Spot the monsters

We’re all waiting for the release of My Singing Monsters – Dawn of Fire, and while we wait, let’s take a look at the preview video released a few days ago.

It looks like we’re starting out with baby monsters to be fed in order to grow up. All the monsters in the video look like young versions of the monsters we know – and love – from My Singing Monsters.

Let’s get the fun started! Spot the monsters in the preview images below. Comment for monster karma 😉 (9) (8) (7) (6) (5) (4) (3)

Found any monsters? Please comment.
See you in My Singing Monsters – Dawn of Fire!

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